Sunday, August 29, 2010

Draft Day

Draft weekend was finally here and the excitement was in the air. I flew home to Florida and checked into a hotel on the Beach. It was surreal, I was finally going to find out if all the hard work I had put into football was going to take me to the next level. My family joined me at the Hotel and my Sister and I ran into the water and it felt goooood!. We walked on the boardwalk for a while and that gave me time to think about how my life was about to change. We watched the first night (Thursday) of the draft and I was happy for those guys who was lucky enough to be selected the first day.
The next day (Friday) I checked into the Hardrock Hotel and spent the day chilling in a cabana by the pool, trying not to think about what might or might not happen that night. I returned to my room and began watching as the 2nd & 3rd round began and ended; man what’s going on!!! Everyone started calling, but I was not about to answer the phone. I did not want to participate in any conversation about what if…. I talked to my Agent and he told me not to worry, so I went to sleep. I have to say it was a little disappointing not to have already been selected, but I knew that I would be drafted somewhere on the third and final day of the draft.
My Mom and Sisters woke me up too early Saturday morning as they wanted to go down to the pool, because we were checking out of the Hardrock later that morning. I just wanted to sleep.  They left me in bed and went down to breakfast and then headed to the pool. I could not go back to sleep so I turned on the TV and began watching the pre-draft commentaries. I called my Mom and asked her to bring me something to eat and everyone came back to the room, as the final day of the draft started. We watched as the 4th round started at 10:00am , but my Mom had planned for us to check out at around 11:00 am to go to my Grandma’s house. She asked if I wanted to stay and continue watching as they approached the middle of the 4th round or check out and hit the road. She said the team is going to call me before they announce it on TV anyway, so I said lets go.
We checked out and started driving and my Mom had to stop at the store. I chose to stay in the car and just chill. I started thinking about what was going on in New York and wondered if the 4th round was over. My phone rang and I looked at the number and I knew it was the call I had been waiting for since I put on football pads in 9th grade. “HELLO GENO, THIS IS MARVIN LEWIS OF THE CINCINNATI BENGALS”.   Wow, I could feel myself smiling from ear to ear. It was finally over.  I was an NFL draftee.  The 120th player taken in the 4th round of the 2010 draft. Well the rest of the day was filled with jubilation as everyone saw I was selected on TV and began blowing up my cell phone, reporters, family members, teammates, everyone. I did not get to see my name being called, but I did get the phone call I had been waiting for. We continue on to my Grandmother's house where we had a big celebration with lots of prayers, food, fun and family. To God be the Glory!!!