Monday, March 21, 2011

Off Season Flow - The Lock Out

Well by now reality has set in, I’ve been official locked out by my employer. Imagine going to your job tomorrow and finding the doors locked. You receive notice in the mail that your health Insurance is canceled, you are not to enter the facilities not even to pick up personal belongings. Welcome to my world, I guess this is the part of professional Sports that no one likes. It’s our reality thought and we have to deal with it, in order to protect ourselves, past player and the future for those that will come behind us.

I plan on make the best of this situation and use this time to visit family and friends. I had a great week visiting my Dad and his family in Texas, and my Mom and Grandma in Florida. I even managed to find tickets to a Heat game and to my surprise enjoyed being just a fan. My little sister and I even caught a T-shirt and we were on Heat TV a couple of times showing off our dance moves in the stands. I also went deep into the Everglades, when we took a trip out to Billie Swamp Safari. I rode in an open airboat and a swamp buggy, looking at Alligators, Exotic Birds, and many other animals who make their home in the Everglades. It was also cool to learn about the Seminole Indians and their rich history, culture and tradition.

Its time to get back to training, so when this an agreement is finally reached I will be ready to go. I’ve been in Georgia working out harder than ever, as this is new territory for me. Having this lockout happen after my rookie season, I have to be ready to compete for a spot just like I was a rookie all over again. Nothing is guaranteed in the NFL, that’s why we are fighting so hard for a fair deal. The Players and Owners knows that 2011 without Football would be devastating to both sides, so I am hopeful that a deal will be worked out soon. The NFL have the best FANS in the world and they deserves our very best effort to reach a compromise and will accept nothing less…

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Off Season Flow

Off Season Flow

Well I made it through my 1st NFL season in one piece and in my right mind. Although we were a disappointing 4 - 12, I think we ended the season on a positive note, winning 2 out of 3 of our final games. As a part of the Fisher Price Package (young defensive players) I think our future looks bright. We will work extremely hard in the off-season to get better and I am sure the Coaches will do the same. Look for the Bengal to bounce back to playoff contenders next season. Speaking of next season, I am hoping for the best, that a new agreement will be hammered out by March and we can avoid a lock-out.

I am back in Athens, taking a couple of classes and will begin training soon. I didn’t realize how much I missed my friends until I arrived back on Campus. Seeing Head Coach Mark Ritch, my D-Line Coach G and all the Bulldog nation fans is what I needed after a long NFL season. This off-season is a very important one for me, going into my 2nd season I have to improve 100%. The speed of the game, the length of the season, the road trips, and the distractions of being a Pro, cannot be my excuse anymore. It’s time to put up or shut up, Its time to Run with the BIG DOGS or stay on the porch.

The Bengals gave me the opportunity to realize one of my dreams in becoming a professional Athlete. Now it time for me to build on that dream and use my talents to help the team realize its full potential. Any given Sunday, any team can be beaten… The Bengals will be a force in 2011. I look forward to going back to Cincy and putting the finishing touches on my place. As you may remember from my last blog, I had no idea furniture hunting could give you such a headache. Some of my other off-season plans are to continue working on getting my Foundation up and running. I also have to visit my family in Florida, especially my Grandma and friends I haven‘t seen in a while. I am in a good place right now and with the help of God, “The Best is Yet to Come”!